All your choices summarised below and in this table and this leaflet.

All these methods can be provided in Alnwick, except sterilisation.

You might notice than when you speak to your Nurse or Dr about contraception, they talk about:

 "Long acting methods".

These are the coils and the implant. The reason that medical people love these methods so much is that they are REALLY effective, much more so than the pill and even the injection. They can also stay there for several years.

The % figures are the numbers who will typically get pregnant per year with each method.

Implants 0.05%

Injected into the inside of your upper arm, they last up to 3 years. Bleeding (vaginal) can be unpredictable but generally settles over a few months.

Vasectomy 0.15% 

Sterilisation for men............ permanent. 

This does have to be done elsewhere. It can be done in Morpeth at the One to One centre. Call 01670 515151.

Hormone coils 0.2%

The Mirena coil can last for 5 years and reduces periods. Half of women after 6 months will have no bleeding at all.

Low dose hormone coil 0.3% *NEW*

The Jaydess is a new coil which is smaller and lower in hormone compared to the Mirena. It is only licensed for 3 years though and doesn't reduce periods so much.

Female Sterilisation 0.5%


Copper coils 0.8%

No hormones, but tend to make your periods longer and heavier. They can last for up to 10 years.

Injections 6%

The "depo". Hormone injection required every 12 weeks. Bleeding is unpredictable, and there can be a delay in return of fertility. 

Sayana Press *NEW*

Very similar to the depo  but it can be injected yourself at home. The first injection would be given by a Doctor (Dr Helen Moor at Alnwick Medical Group) or a nurse (training Nov 17). The next appointment the Dr/ Nurse could watch you inject yourself and then you would be given a pack of 4 injections to give yourself every 13 weeks.

"The Pill" (and patch and ring) 9%

The pill is taken for 3 weeks with a 1 week break when you bleed. Good period control. There can be hormonal side effects and a small increase in risk of breast cancer and blood clots. Patches and vaginal rings are the same hormones.

MISSED PILLS ? Check here.

 Mini Pills 9%

Daily hormone pill, safe but bleeding is unpredictable. 

Condoms 18%

Good at preventing infection but not great contraception.

Diaphragms 50%

Can be inserted into the vagina before sex and removed a few hours after.