Consenting to sex

Any sort of sexual contact without consent is illegal at any age.

Sometimes people don’t feel free to make a choice about whether they want to have sex. This might be because of the threats or pressure from their partner.

If someone can't give consent eg. they are drunk, then sex with them would be sex without consent ie. illegal.

If you are a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault the following organisations may be able to help. (Northumberland specific)

Domestic abuse - information about local and national support

Northumberland domestic abuse service (NDAS)

The service provides practical and emotional support to women, men and children who have experienced domestic abuse. NDAS, formerly 608030, is currently being re-established as a confidential, holistic service in Northumberland.

01434 608 030 or 01434 416 046

Rape & sexual assault counselling (REACH)

REACH provides rape examination, advice, counselling and help. There are two centres, one in Newcastle and the other in Sunderland.

0191 212 1551


GRACE Northumberland rape & sexual violence project

Grace Northumberland Rape Crisis is a charity offering free, confidential services for women and girls over 13 who are survivors of sexual violence.

0191 222 0272 

Northumberland Women’s Refuge

Northumberland Women’s Refuge provides accommodation to female victims of domestic violence and is one of a number of refuges across the county.